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From ethnic liberator to national atrocities: The tale of TPLF

Post by MINILIK SALSAWI » 12 Jul 2013, 00:32

by Teshome Debalke
From ethnic liberator to national atrocities and corruption: The tale of the late Ethiopian Dictator of TPLF
No one knows why Melse Zenawi, the late tyrant of Ethiopia decided to trash the image of the people of Tigray in the name of Ethnic Federalism. But, regardless of his motives the evidence shows not only he tarnished the image of the people beyond recognition his stooges attempt to glamorize his legacy want to continue associating Tigray with corruption, atrocity and treachery. What went wrong with ethnic panhandlers?
The journey of late Melse Zenawi that creped out of the rocks of Dedebit, Tigray to end up in the grave of Addis Ababa is The journey of late Melse Zenawi that creped out of the rocks of Dedebit, Tigray a fascinating tale in treachery. It says more about his delusional and corrupt Woyane stooges and apologists than the smalltime ethnic tyrant turn in to snake oil salesman.

In reality, the late Melse, the official Chairman of Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), the Marxist Leninist League of Tigray (MLLT) and the Ethiopian People Federal Democratic Republic (EPFDR) is a manifestation of the ignorance of rogue Ethiopians of Tigriy/Eritrea origin gone astray. It is a case where identity crises, radical ideology and self-hate-subsidized by foreign charity and empowered by donated used arms implode in to an out of control minority tyranny with unprecedented atrocities and corruption. There is no wonder how Melse emerged to lead the dumb and the confused to end up selling them and their country for the highest bidder. As our people would say ‘የጅብ ችኩል ቀንድ ይነክሳል’
After four decade of intense agitation in self-hate and bankrupt ideology an average Woyane member’s mind today is deformed to distorts reality so much so s/he became a walking robot discharging the ugliness of ethnic tyranny on demand. Therefore, Woyane’s entire establishment became so chaotic it is running on autopilot; patched up by propaganda, donated arms and financed by foreign aid and robbery; just the way Melse Zenawi planned it.

To his credit, the late Melse Zenawi managed to anesthetize his stooges to stay inline with segregation, bribe and fear. His isolate-corrupt-terrorize approach seems to work flawlessly in the last 21 years without much challenge from his core stooges and ignorant followers he uses and abuses as pawns to accomplish his mission.

Many Ethiopians are perplexed by the level of the stooges’ silence to the unprecedented crime of treason, atrocity and corruption unheard of in the 21st century where information is widely available.

But, more disturbing is why he and his accomplices choose to tarnish the image of the people of Tigray beyond recognition demand exploration? From the outset Woyane never hid its plan to isolate the people of Tigray and use them as a weapon to destroy their country.

Now he is gone for good, the stooges are frantically holding on to the only thing they know. Like orphans they are making the best out of what he left them behind; chaos, suspicion, fear, division, corruption, atrocity…and more. As we witnessed in the staged drama of his funeral the lost souls are frantically mourning the departure of a man that brought disgrace to the people and the nation.
Therefore, an average Woyane stooge roaming the street today is ignorant of his/her identity, confused what the future may hold and corrupt from head to toe with blood money. The briefcase criminals are spending blood money to propagate more propaganda and harass and terrorize freedom advocates at home and abroad to continue the only thing they know to stay alive. Unlike a typical stooge of the familiar dictators we are accustomed in Africa and elsewhere; they disguise fake legitimacy to stay alive-believing they are fooling the world.

Also, the collection of ethnic representatives cowed to legitimize the minority regime are confused and reached a point of no return holding on the only thing they know how.
Hailemariam Desalegne, the Prime Minster appointed to replace Melse was groomed by the late tyrant when he emerged to sustain Woyane’s rule under Ethnic Federalism. As expected, he kept on reading the same script of his handlers and mimicking the dead Prime Minster by exposing himself further as walking zombie. To make matter worst, his disorientated TPLF handlers are confusing the hell out of him by appointing two more Deputy Prime Minster, a total of three DPM unheard of in the history of government.

Now Woyane finally was forced to give up the official top position of the government (a self inflected wound of playing ethnic politics) what is left for the stooges is to figuring out how to fit the rotten Woyane ethnic rule somewhere between ethnic Mafioso it is and Western Democracy it fakes to be in order to remain on the driver seat.

The attempt to rule by proxy with the assassins and cartels holding Ethiopians hostages will play out until the end of Woyane. That is where the new Deputy Prime Minster Debretsion G/Michael, a TPLF operatives comes in. The former Minister of Communications and Information Technology is a ruthless TPLF spy positioned to maintain Woyane’s stranglehold on Ethiopians. His record of denying Ethiopians accesses to modern Information Technology is part of TPLF’s campaign to rule by isolating Ethiopians from the world by feeding ethnic propaganda in the liking of Woyane.
The other two new Deputy Ministers are Muktar Kedir and Demeke Mokonnen representing Oromos and Amahra respectively. They have been TPLF’s pawns from the beginning to legitimize Ethnic Federalism. They have been reshuffled to many symbolic positions as they are needed. Like the new PM they are only good for show; dressed up to read TPLF’s scripts. There goes down the drain the fake representatives elected in the constitutional government of EPFDR of the Revolutionary Democracy regime down the drain.

The other important post Woyane wouldn’t let go is the Foreign Ministry, the bread and [deleted] of Woyane’s survival. That is where Dr. Tewodros Adhanom, the new Foreign Affairs Minister comes in. A Medical Doctor from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Medical School he will make sure the international community keeps dolling aid and providing legitimacy for Woyane controlled regime. His other major job would be countering the Diaspora’s freedom movement Woyane fear most from ending minority rule.

The former Health Minster sought political asylum to the US in the early 80s. His petition for asylum was on the ground of being prosecuted for refusing to participate in Marxist indoctrination of the Derg Regime. When he finally came out of the closet upon his appointment as Health Mister it turned out he was a member of Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), a communist insurgence group – designated as a ‘terrorist’ organization by US intelligent agencies for kidnapping and armed robbery.

When that wasn’t enough, he covered up his appointment as a concerned medical professional to help the poor get medical services. Now he threw his profession aside to grabs the Foreign Ministerial position with no credential what so ever in foreign affair to save Woyane rule. That would make him the first professional medical doctor turn Foreign Minster in history of any government.

It seems the crude jock of Woyane’s Ethnic Federalism and Revolutionary Democracy run out of esteem to reach a point of no return. The do-or-die situation the ethnic stooges put themselves in can no longer be disguised as democracy…development… federalism…whatever. It turn out to be pure ethnic tyranny disguised as… and backed up by propaganda of divstion, treats, atrocities and bribes to maintain minority rule. Thus, it is as good as dead without any chance of redemption.

Unlike the stooges scramble to save face the fact says otherwise. The engineer of Ethnic Federalism in a grave of Addis Ababa wouldn’t rest until his crimes against the people and the nation faces justice. Nor the drama of burying him in heart of Ethiopia and to continue ramming his bankrupt ideology of Ethnic Federalism going is not going to preserve a corrupt ethnic tyranny. The jungle boys would have been better off if they come clean with the people of Ethiopia than positioning to commit more crime to resurrect the dead ethnic tyranny by making a fool out of themselves.

Now the whole world knows what Woyane was made, the responsibility to bring it down remains squarely up on all Ethiopians. But, as expected, the self declared minority regime is playing cat-and-mouse with the people of Ethiopia. The only question that needs an remain is how long the cat tolerates the mouse? Until then, Ethiopians will be busy to bring down Woyane while the stooges will be busy to hold on to it.

Welcome to the world of tyranny. There is noting more or less that remain to say …to write… about wasting time but, everything to do to bring down ethnic tyranny.

Finally, incase Woyane stooges and apologist trapped in the crime of atrocity and corruption don’t get it yet free advice is in order. After all, they are responsible for what Woyane did and continue to do.

The fact you are still in Woyane camp willing to continue what the mastermind left you says more about your willing to commit more crime than anything else. The enemy is here, look no further. It is Woyane that use and abuse you as Weapon of Mass Distraction against your people. The sooner you abandon it the sooner you will be free from not committing more crimes than you already did.

If it is out of ignorance, it is your own fault; by choosing to remain ignorant. If it is self interest, it is your own fault; conspiring to commit crime of corruption against your people. If it hate, it is your own fault; blaming your identity crises on one group or another. If it is fear, it is your own fault; propping up ethnic tyranny lying to yourself to no where.

There is no one left to blame but you. At this moment, hiding behind anything or anyone you can find isn’t going to help. You need to free yourself from bondage of Woyane ethnic tyranny. Be brave enough to stand up against Woyane operatives assigned to bully you in committing more crime against your people as they did in the last 21 years.

Woyane is dead; even the late Mastermind Melse didn’t want anything to do with it. Bury it in Dedebit where it was born and be free. Unlike the late tyrant that accomplished his mission to run away from where he creped out of never to return.