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Dark Energy
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Why did the Emirates withdraw from Assab, now I get it.

Post by Dark Energy » 19 Nov 2023, 02:22

This plan was concocted way before the Pretoria agreement was put into place. You see, Ethiopia has the right to use the sea access provided that it pays for port services. However, Assab is not equipped to serve Ethiopia in that regard. Eritrea’s argument is that, Ethiopia stopped to use the port on its own in the aftermath of the Badme war. Ethiopia does have an access to the sea through Djibouti. Well, Ethiopia’s argument is that, its population size is growing too fast hence it needs to own a port at the expense of, in this case Eritrea. It’s argument is centered around that Eritrea has no use of Assab.. It is twisted logic at best. But, the Eritrean government does not have many allies around the World. Specifically, the West. the Emirates are expecting to sign a contract for the use of Assab through Ethiopia.

Tog Wajale E.R.
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Re: Why did the Emirates withdraw from Assab, now I get it.

Post by Tog Wajale E.R. » 19 Nov 2023, 02:36

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