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Tigray People
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Tigray Is The Burial Ground Of Foreign Invaders Armies::

Post by Tigray People » 28 Jan 2022, 22:36

The Magnificent beautiful Tigray People are the oldest civilized people in the world and the number one war fighters in the world and the True children of God.

The Magnificent beautiful Tigray People are the only true indigenous people in Ethiopia, Africa and the world.

The Heroic Tigray People are the only indigenous people who crushed , defeated all foreign invaders Armies, domestic invaders Armies by themselves, meager resources and by the Help of the God of Tigray People Alone.

It is also absolutely true the Tigray People are the most beautiful people in the entire world .

Anta garbage Coward Amhara massacring innocent defenslses people is your Savage Amhara culture that you brought from your West Africa home.

The Gallant selfless Tigray People are not finished with thier mortals enemies for God sake they have not lifted one finger to hit thier enemies yet.

Don't worry when the Long awaited wars start those Amhara on the videos and any Amhara Army will be devoured by the selfless Tigray People in few days.Mark Our Words.

The western countries or Arab countries are no match to the Gallant Selfless Tigray People on the unforgiving battlefield where the fierce Tigray People are number one war fighters in the world and they have proved this over and over.

We the Tigray People believe in winning wars by your own people by your own resources and we vehemently reject foreign interference in our internal affairs or military tactics or our Land.

Foreign Powers will not help you develop your country or win wars but a determine society and Gallant Selfless Tigray People who are the pride of All black people around the world with thier Military victory against the most powerful foreign Invaders such as --

Fascist European Army Crushed

Ottoman Empire Army Crushed

Egypt Army Crushed

Arab Armies Crushed

Ethiopia Army Crushed

Eritreans Army Crushed

Arab Emirates

Easter Europe




Israel Military Advisors

Soviet Union

East Germany

O.L.F Army Crushed

Jebha-Eritrea Liberation Front Army Crushed

E.D.U Army Crushed

Afar Liberation Army Crushed

E.p.r.p Army Crushed.

Somalian Terrorist Army Crushed

Al-shabab Terrorist Army Crushed

Al-Ithad Arab Terrorist Army Crushed

Ogaden Liberation Front Army Crushed

Ethiopia Patriot Army Crushed

We can list more foreign Invaders Army and domestic armies that were single handedly crushed ans destroyed by the Gallant Selfless Tigray People.

Long Live The Beautiful Tigray People!!

Awet Nehafash Tigray People!!

The Republic of Tigray People!!

The Independence Of The Tigray People!!

Eternal Glory To Martyrs Of Tigray People!!

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