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When will Low-IQ Agames realize No one is gonna save their Arse. Yemenis have been waiting for 6 years.

Post by sesame » 28 Jan 2022, 17:19

The dumbest people in the world have sacrificed over 450,000 of their youth, half of their economy, their future, and all the lands they stole for a dream of going back to Addis to resume looting Ethiopia. They know that they are a useless people and that their only hope was to take power in Ethiopia and loot. Now that dream is gone and Chigray has become the proverbial African sheet-hole, the are waiting for outsiders to come and save their arse. But no one is going to. A truck here and there may move into Agameland, but how long will they last with that? Chigrayans will never have a normal life as long as the TPLF thugs are around. The borders will stay closed and there will be no fuel, electricity, trade or money coming in. It is a dead place going from bad to worse every day! Eventually, the misery will become the norm and the world will forget about Agames.

But hey, Yemenis have been like that for 7 years.

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