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Is shifta tplf abraham belay the real pm of ethiopia?

Post by JudgementDay1234 » 28 Jan 2022, 15:32

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Re: Is shifta tplf Abraham belay the real pm of ethiopia?

Post by TGAA » 28 Jan 2022, 16:04

Abraham Belay is The TPLF right hand man Abiy wants to exploit for his own end. In his briefing Abraham didn't mention once the Tplf terorist not once. He was the one who announced about lettings Tigrian farmers to have a break time 8 month a go so Tigrayan farmers can collect their harvest. We know what happened next.. Now all the theatrics is to target again the Amhara region. The Amharas should rise and defend themselves. Abiy and ADP is more the enemy of Amhara and Afar people than their. Sworn enemy tplf. Abiy and weyanne want nothing more than Amhara fighting Amharas . that should be avoided.the shameless ADP slavse are enemy number one. Every kelel protects its turf bou not ADP. If 40 million Amharas can't defend their freedom then they don't deserve one.
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Re: Is shifta tplf Abraham belay the real pm of ethiopia?

Post by Axumezana » 28 Jan 2022, 16:53

Both Temesgen and Dr. Abraha are part of the "marginalized" inner circle of PM Abiy. However, they are all responsible for every thing that went wrong over the last 4 years and will face justice down the line , unless the ongoing conflicts in Ethiopia are resolved through forgiveness and reconcilation. The way forward for Ethiopia is dialogue, forgiveness, reconcilation and peace. If war could bring peace, the past one year could have done it.

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