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Ethiopia needs a leader that sees beyond his/her single ethnic lens!

Post by Ejersa » 28 Jan 2022, 04:34

For a country with multiple ethnic groups, a person that sees beyond his/her single ethnic lens is the one that Ethiopia needs today. The toxic ethnic-driven agenda should never be a criterion in leading Ethiopia. Ethiopia didn't get yet a perfect fit having a diverse background that attaches him/her to many ethnic groups and religion.

Until TPLF brought this evil, backward and toxic ethnic-driven greed, pitting families against each other politics to enrich themselves at the expense of the majority, ethnicity was never a criteria in Ethiopia’s history. TPLF has stolen while others fight. That is exactly what they had planned in the bush and practiced in Ethiopia.

In a country of many different ethnic groups with differences of language, a complete, fair, & equal policy is needed. IS the PP party ready to embrace this inclusive, equal, & democratic way of governance? Knowing PP is part & parcel of the rigid and backward nature everyone knows they aren’t open to accepting inclusiveness.

Noble Amhara
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Re: Ethiopia needs a leader that sees beyond his/her single ethnic lens!

Post by Noble Amhara » 28 Jan 2022, 05:17

Galaatomaaa Cadre Sun The real you !!

Did you not say for years that the Regime was led by quote on quote "Democratic and Egalitarian Oromos" that practiced the amazing and democratic Gada System where is this "Gada System" Yet ale? what is it? It seems to weak and mythical to be real that is why Oromo Cadres maintained their Socialist/EPRDF Brainwashing and used it because Gada System is not real

You spent since 2019 insulting and trying to silence me hahahaha you finally realized ur king abichu ain't no different then eprdf.

In my own opinion

King abiy can point as many amhara and tigray or gurage or sidama cadres all he wants it doesn't change the fact that he exploits tribalism to empower himself at times. I don't believe the Parliment! I do believe Baruyu were the Police shot People wearing the Ethiopian Flag! the flag that thousands died for to protect Oromia. The Oromia that cursed Ethiopia and is privileged the oromia that tells people who speak amharic and other languages that you cant renew your ID Card without speaking Afan Oromo I see that. that has crushed millions of peoples faith in Abiy who is nothing more then a comrade of Tribalist Shimeles Abdisa

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