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Re: VIDEO:የዲሲ የነፍጠኞች ግብረሃይል አብይን ረግሞ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ወጣ።አብይ አህመድ ነፍሰ-ገዳይ ነህ! አብይ አህመድ አጨብጭበን እንደተቀበልንህ፣ አልቅሰን ልንሸኝህ ነው!| VIDEO:

Post by Axumezana » 27 Jan 2022, 08:44

Laughing at the DC archaic unitary Ethiopia dreamers! By the way, what happened to the Isaias die hard supporters from Eritrea that used to stand together with the archaic Ethiopia dreamers?

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