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These Afaris & Amharas Are Weak: Deaths Don't Matter

Post by Roman » 26 Jan 2022, 20:02

These morons are in a war and they're complaining about hundreds of people being killed and it makes me wonder if these bit.ches could even survive in WWII. Do you know that 8 million soviet, 2 million Germans, and 400,000 American soldiers died in WWII and yet Amhara & Afari bit.ches are crying about 100-200 deaths. One thing I respect about agames is they keep sacrificing thousands but they don't The agame understands this is the price of war and I applaud them of that and maybe they can stop bit.ching about the drone deaths too......... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Welcome to war Amharas and Afaris and stop bit.ching and crying every time agames kill you.

Here's an advice: Kill 5 agames for every 1 Amhara/Afari death - By making the price very high the agames won't dare to try you...... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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