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TPLF Recapturing Welkait & Humera is Good For Oromos

Post by Roman » 22 Jan 2022, 02:42

Ever since ENDF helped capture Welkait these Amharas are becoming overconfident and they're starting to claim other regions and cities. I had warned the prime minister of making that mistake and it seems he didn't listen. - You can't help Amharas capture Tigray region because they will become overconfident and try their nonsense on other regions.

Here's my advice to Abiy:

A. Make peace deal with TPLF
B. ENDF should remain in Humera and Welkait.
C. Tell TPLF that the federal government won't engage with you and no drones will hit you and that you're free to march towards Welkait and Humera.

You give an inch to these Amhara radicals they will take a meter.

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