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Re: To Skunnis

Post by Sabur » 21 Jan 2022, 23:11

Fvck off !!
We are fvcking tired with this kind በራዕራዕ. We have lived and have seen many በራዕራዕ like what this ብጽብጽ is puking now. And We Eritreans are fvcking tired paying with our lives and opportunities to help this kind country remain intact.

Strategic bla bla. If it had not been for principled stand, Eritrea with its mighty fire power in its hand would have easily aligned with Egypt, Sudan and Tigray for strategic reasons as most Tigrayan people and some members of TPLF made several attempts to negotiate with Eritrea after 2017. And This ብጽብጽ knows well enough what the end result would be after Nov. 4, 2020 .

Come rain and shine Eritrea again stood its ground for principle against all obstacles of the great powers to help Ethiopia remain intact as a country for this mother fvcker to Jerk now.

And we know what this ብጽብጽ type backstabbers are going to do when they start to walk. We witnessed and lived their true colors through the 1998-2000 war. Now The rats are already smelling and coming out of their hideouts showing off their fvcking true colors when their Daddy uncle Sam is releasing the hand outs.

This ብጽብጽ Misraq was cheering behind the TPLF led Ethiopian Army destroying Somalia and Terrorizing its people while the TPLF was also abusing and banging his arse nonstop for years at the same time.

There are untold stories what the Eritrea Army offered the Afar Region when Junta TPLF soldiers were raging through Wello, Debre Berhan and the outskirts of Addis. Yes, this mother and backstabber ብጽብጽ would deny it as he had tried to deny about Eritrea's sacrifices to keep Ethiopia intact after Nov. 3, 2020.

If this this weak ብጽብጽ does not want to face the truth, Eritreans will make him reconcile with the Truth.

The people of Eritrea are always grateful for those who stood with and for the Eritrean people. Eritreans are not ashamed to say proudly "Thank You!" to those who helped and stood with the people of Eritrea.

Deki Ere and Friends of Eritrea Enjoy Eritrea's Serene Coast. Dolphins off the Coast of Dahlak, Red Sea, Eritrea. wrote:
21 Jan 2022, 12:09
Guys some idiots put up a map at a religious event so what? It doesn't change the fact that Eritrea is an independent sovereign nation recognised by the united nations. Are we going to quarrel everytime some moron draws Eritrea with Ethiopia? We need to rise above this. Don't react to silly stuff, it aint worth our attention.

Brother jimmy we don't hate you, we're just disappointed that the orthodox church or the gondere administration didn't intervene to stop the display of such map. We do not see the benefit of it especially at a time when we're both enjoying cordial relationship. I hope you will understand how it feels for us. Put yourself in our shoes. It tantamounts to seeing Tigrayans incorporating your lands of welkait Tsegede into Tigray and dipping it with Tigrayan flag.

we don't claim anything yours and we're not willing to give away anything ours. As for Eritreans living in Ethiopia, remember there's plenty of Ethiopians living in Eritrea too. It goes both ways :P

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Re: To Skunnis

Post by AbyssiniaLady » 15 May 2022, 18:19

Misraq wrote
get the hell out of our country, our forum or our life. we are not coming into you idiots.

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