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Terrorist-Tigray-Tplf R Still Secretly Running & Controlling Addis-Abeba!!! WEEY GUUD !!!

Post by tarik » 12 Oct 2021, 21:53

1- All top companies in addis r still owned & operated by terrorist-tplf secretly
2- All banks r secretly owned and operated by terrorist-tplf.
3- Z whole police department is secretly operating by terrorist-tplf
4- Z ethiopian airlines is still controlled and operated by terrorist-tplf
5- Abiy ahmed's abraham belai and more in his cabinet r all terrorist-tplf spies
6- Even inside the ethiopian miltary still there r spies 4 terrorist-tplf
7- Even z churches in addis are secretly operating by terrorist-tplf.

Abiy do u know this? If u do, then they r secretly watching all your daily steps. Make a stop 2 this ASAP. :roll: :!: :idea: :arrow:

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