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Abiy Ahmed has lost the war: Negotiate

Post by Roman » 21 Jul 2021, 04:05

I hope the prime minister learns not to repeat the mistakes of Mengistu by waiting till the last second. If you're losing the war then it might be time to negotiate now that you have Welkait and Humera under your control along with 17,000 agames.

There's no reason to continue on a losing war -

Two months ago these cancerous TPLFs didn't control anything but the caves and now they're taking the fight to Afar. No reason to continue on this war with lies - You lost, move on.

Why Dr. Abiy Ahmed lost the war?

1. The most useless soldiers ever - An army led and made up of nothing but POWs. - Fire Bacha and Jula and send those idiots to retirement.
2. No technological superiority

Dr. Abiy Ahmed should send his demands for peace.

1. No secession
2. Disarmament
3. 10 year UN led border patrol by peacekeepers

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