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Tuskegee Institute Study 2.0: Targeting African-Americans with Experimental “Vaccines” Under the Guise of Racial Justice

Post by teodroseIII » 06 May 2021, 19:40

The Tuskegee Institute experiments were not outliers, the US government and medical professionals using African-Americans as test subjects is nothing new. At the same time the US government was experimenting on African-Americans males at Tuskegee, the US military unleashed chemical weapons on 60,000 soldiers to test the effects of mustard gas and the chemical agent lewisite. “Black” soldiers, as well as Japanese-American and Puerto Rican enlistees, were locked in gas chambers and exposed to lethal chemicals while “white” soldiers were used as the control group. During the 1950s, the CIA and the US military teamed up to release a half a million mosquitos with yellow and dengue fever into “black” Florida communities, leading to multiple deaths and illnesses.

Proving that racism and the evils of consolidated power have no expiration dates, the ugly legacy of targeting African-Americans for medical experiments that were explicitly banned by the Nuremberg Codes. This time around, the US government and medical professionals are coaxing “black” people to take part in an ongoing experiment and get shot up with “vaccines” that have a checkered history and have yet to be proven as safe and effective. After conducting human trials for three months instead of the 10-15 years it usually takes to garner FDA approval and after only undergoing three trial phases instead of the standard five, the establishment are rushing to administer these nostrums and want “black” folks to cut to the front of the lines....continued...

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