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Noble Amhara
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Oromo Supremacy Exists

Post by Noble Amhara » 05 May 2021, 18:35

Weather you deny it or ignore it the reason why Ethiopia is a hellhole is because of the ongoing Oromo supremacy which is no different then fascistic hitlers idea of supremacy, it believes anyone who is not Oromo must be killed and exterminated. Oromo can say about they are oppressed or 2nd class citizen but that doesn’t compare to burning down and killing innocent people because of the ethnicity they are born of. I believe the Gedeo Konso Gamo Amhara killing is due to this ideology of killing or massacre culture they gain from west Africa and their brainwashers lencholata dawud ibsa and financers Getachew gudina and many other FAKE endf generals

The ENDF has bloods in its hands they burned down towns because of their ethnicity, Oromo has also adopted TPLF skill of propaganda when they kill you they will say u r killing them. It seems like they are all working together to convince and confuse Ethiopians before killing and burning other Ethiopians. This is very coward as we know Oromo does not battle real armies they try to kill you if they outnumber you by 1:20 ratio

which they love to do as seen from online comments they enjoy the deaths of others and pretend Abiy Ahmed is oppressing them which he is not Abiy Ahmed is giving them more weapons to kill innocents and peacekeepers which is the only thing they do

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