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The agame was never Ethiopian: 27 Years of Deceivement

Post by Roman » 03 May 2021, 07:01

How do I know? The heart reveals the truth when backed into the corner and let me explain.

Amharas, Oromos and Somalis have been struggling against these vicious agame animals when Ethiopia was under their control but never once had they slaughtered Ethiopian soldiers in their regions and stolen their weapons. Even through the agames were massacring their people never once they helped the enemies of Ethiopia by trying to destroy the country. The agames were in power to enrich themselves and work for their clique. Once they were kicked out we saw their true image and the true hatred they have for Ethiopians. - What they did Nov 3 against Ethiopia was an act on how much they hate Ethiopians.

Message to Ethiopians: Your enemy is the agame, never feel sorry for them. They deserve to suffer and perish as they're nothing but bandas and we the Ethiopian people have the right to defend our country and people from these satanic beasts.

Ethiopiawinet is revealed by the actions you take when you're powerless.

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