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Afar and Somali war: How I would handle it?

Post by Roman » 07 Apr 2021, 14:01

1. Side with Somalis and hand the towns to Somali region. - Tell Afar region if they trespass on Somali lands that Addis Ababa will be forced to arrest Afar leadership and disarm all of its militia.

Why side with Somalis?

Somalis are bigger ethnic
Somalis are stronger and therefore are better allies for Addis Ababa than Afaris.

The prime minister of Ethiopia has no choice but to end this nonsense by siding with Somalis and punishing Afaris if they don't comply. This is what a leader should do but the idiot Abiy Ahmed is nowhere to be found because he's watching animal videos and tiktok.... :mrgreen: :P :lol: :lol: :lol:

The advice is simple:

Always side with one ethnic in every conflict and punish those who don't follow your judgement. The consequence is that if you don't do this then you will have conflicts for many decades over competition. The prime minister needs to be the father here and make his judgment and punish those that don't accept them.

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Re: Afar and Somali war: How I would handle it?

Post by EthioRedSea » 07 Apr 2021, 14:27

Divide Ethiopia into 30 administrative units where in each province live one or more ethnic groups. Do not capitalize on ethnicity. Some will be dying out any way. Give equal rights or economic opportunities to all. Follow the democratic unitary state with some autonomy of the provinces.

In case of Afar and Somali, the conflict is political to stop Afar siding with Tigray or TPLF or TDF. Thus we need to remove TPLF as it is the mastermind of Ethnic Federalism from power and redivide the country according economic necessity. The Somalis will live with Afars as Ethiopians.

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Re: Afar and Somali war: How I would handle it?

Post by Somaliman » 07 Apr 2021, 14:33

Add also this:

Somali region is currently the most politically and socially stable in all Ethiopia.
Somali region is currently booming economically.

While Afar region is a semi no man's land, where It's difficult to shake the feeling that time has stopped an eternity ago, and law and order is never heard of.

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