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Amhara warned fellow Tigres for long ethnic politics will destroy you First. It killed Seyoum & Abay, its architect

Post by Abere » 06 Apr 2021, 20:12

Amhara warned fellow Tigres for long ethnic or aka identity politics will destroy them First. It killed Seyoum & Abay Tsehay, the father of tribal politics. No more proof needed now, the entire Tigray province is in hot mess. It will never be fixed until ethnic politics is stopped. Many unlearning Tigre diaspora are still dreaming of the same dragoon again which will never ever happen. However, sadly many youth will be eaten up by this dragoon. Thanks to Abiy Ahmed he is fattening the politics of ethnic federation and has become good care taker of tribal identity politics. While he should have stopped the bloodshed in a single day decree that the TPLF ethnic federation and its constitution is defunct, he is claiming as its protector and pretend to be law and order government. This is a joke. A country that has been lawless for the last 30 years, all of a sudden claim to have one because the tyrannical Tigre minority (TPLF) is replaced by his Oromo liberation front. The people of Ethiopia has to pause and think. The country needs real and decisive action. There is no other cure than banning ethnic politics. Should African countries come to ban ethnic politics of Ethiopia, it has been a catastrophe in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has been the most unsafe country in Africa and it will continue so because of tribal federation. If Abiy Ahmed is sincere and believes in Ethiopia from the bottom of his heart, why don't he take action to shred TPLF's illegal Dedebit Constitution and save the lives of the million illiterate farmers killed in every corner of the country? I am afraid another tragic ending is in the air. Babysitting ethnic federation is raising the dragoon. A leadership taking care of ethnic federation is a monster himself not an angel of peace. Please, the Tigres learn from your past. Stop this ethnics federation stuff. You will be a loser forever. Let's demolish ethnics federation and resurrect Ethiopia.

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