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Amharu went to turkey to gain weapons & loans, the return is Turkey warned Amhara to release Oromo prisoners & no abuse

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 21 Feb 2021, 16:06

Revenge is the ultimate healing for Tigrayans on the dish washers for the Eritreans, no life nor wife to make sure the next generation of Tigrayans not to be bent their heads and until all Tigrayans achieve marching to Hamassien Awraja and clean all Nazis and their enablers.

Issayas grandfather Dejach Abraha Hagos a new wedded man crossed to Eritrea to wash Disti and Galita for the Eritreans of Italians than eating corn and wheat Qolo with proud dignity in Tembien.

Il nonno di Issayas Dejach Abraha Hagos, un nuovo sposato, è andato in Eritrea per lavare Disti e Galita per gli eritrei degli italiani, piuttosto che mangiare mais e grano Qolo con orgogliosa dignità a Tembien.

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