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Where are the agame artists hiding and why?

Post by Cigar » 12 Jan 2021, 23:47

Remember we were bombarded by the filthy, horse hair wearing, ugly sher*amut agame artists and their skinny Eritreans to look alike wanna be dirty agames were trying to fool themselves that they arrived to the civilization where the Eritreans and Ethiopians reached a long time ago completely stop singing and dancing.
From now onward it is to square one. To the life style their parents and grandparents were living in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s.
To the way they really were looking clay made ugly statues with their dirty, smelly outfits.
Agames are known to put their own ugly, tegwar feet in their filthy, smelly mouths.
Unappreciative and ungrateful.
We warned your as*ses, you refused to be decent human beings, chose to be rats and now your miseries will be worse than what it already is for ever or atleast untill the alive agames are dead and hopefully the yet unborn agames will live in peace happily cut to their minority size, speaking Amharic and Oromo, saluting the Ethiopian flag and singing the national anthem of their country Ethiopia.
There is no country called tigray and thus no foreign entity gives a damn about regional territories. All the foreign policy is done by the Ethiopian foreign department.
You freaking agames have complains, you got to deal with your country's (Ethiopia) not with foreign entities.
Your cure starts the sooner you understand that you are Ethiopians and abide by its policies. No country in the world has two governments with in its territory. And you learnt that the hardway. Deal with it.
You can't even declare your independence unless Ethiopia is disgusted and want to get rid of its hemorrhoid called agame.

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Re: Where are the agame artists hiding and why?

Post by Meleket » 13 Jan 2021, 11:23

መልሲ ናይታ ሕቶ’ዶ “ብግጥሚ” ክንፍትን፧ :lol:

ክልተ ግዜ ከነዛረቦም ኢና” ዚብሉ ዝነበሩ፣
ወዮም ዝማረኽናዮም” ዚብሉ ዝነበሩ፣
ትዕቢት ሰርኒቝዎም ብዙሕ ዝገዓሩ፣
ኣብ ኵናት ክልተ ቅነ ምስተደኻኸሩ፣
እቶም መራህቶም’ዉን ጭራኦም ደጕሎም ምስኾኑ ወኻሩ፣
እናተቐፈዱ ሸዋ ምስ ተኣስሩ፣
እኒ ብርሃነ ሃይለ “አርቲስት” ናይ ተጋሩ፣
ዋጥዮም ኪኸስቡ “ወመኔ” ከህጥሩ፣
ለይቲ ምስ መዓልቲ ብዙሕ ዘሽኮንደሩ፣
ዶላር ኪምዥርጡ ብዙሕ ዝጨደሩ፣
አንጻር ሕሊናኦም ምሒር ዝፈከሩ፣
ኣኻ ረኣናዮም ጠፊሾም ኪከስሩ፣
ሕጂ’ሞ እንታይ ኪብሉ “ብሱሩ ብሱሩ”፣
ሕፍረት ተጎልቢቦም ሕንኸት ምስተደሩ

ኤርትራዊ’እንከ ቕልጽሙ ዓቲሩ፣
ንቃል ስውኣቱ ከየዕበረ ወትሩ፣
እፎይ ይብል ኣሎ ኣብ ሰማየ ምድሩ፣
ተመስገን ይብል ኣሎ ኣብ ምድረ ባሕሩ፣
ኣምላኹ ወዲሱ አብ ፍቕሪ ሰሚሩ፣
ንቃሉን ተግባሩን ኣብ ሓደ ጠሚሩ፣
መስገደል ሰጊሩ ዓወት ተደሪሩ ሩ ሩ ሩ ሩ ሩ ሩ ሩ ሩ !
Cigar wrote:
12 Jan 2021, 23:47
Where are the agame artists hiding and why?

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