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This is the MayEdaga prison in cursedartera where they were arrested after being kidnapped from their house in Mekel

Post by abel qael » 12 Jan 2021, 10:39

Meshrefet is now filling all Ethiopian an Arteran hospitals with his wounded Soldiers. Even Diredawa and Jijiga took 25000 wounded soldiers each.
Now even stadiums and schools are being filled by wounded soldiers.

BTW: Abay Weldu was arrested in Addis a day before he declared the war though Abay Weldo was a mminister for his regime and had no good relationship let with debrepropoor and co. They kept him in a dark room for over two months.

Colonel Adamu is the one who got killed yesterday in Raya, at Bora-Selewa wereda, but I do not know if it was Colonel Dejene who was killed in Raya 2 before ago.

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