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Message to Ethiopian soldiers: Stand with your people

Post by IntelReport » 01 Jul 2020, 05:51

If you want to kill then face the Egyptian army but never turn your guns against unarmed youth. The army is supposed to defend then nation not attack youth or any kind of protesters. I warn the Ethiopian army to not help Abiy Ahmed because Abiy Ahmed is your enemy.

How come Ethiopian army is 165,000?
How come Ethiopian army is outdated and is defenseless against Egyptian army?

Abiy Ahmed vision is to make Ethiopian army powerless against foreign nations but powerful against Ethiopian citizens. He is using you to kill Ethiopians and humiliating you by bowing to Egypt. Remember no brave man kills his fellow countrymen. Stand with the people and end the lunatic Abiy Ahmed reign in Ethiopia and let's build a huge 500,000 armed forces that's capable of defending the nation's interests.

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