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Abiy is a coward who only pumps his chest against Ethiopians

Post by IntelReport » 01 Jul 2020, 05:41

We know that he's a tough guy against unarmed teenagers but when it comes to Egyptians or any nation that he will bow and cry like the he is. Remember the Egyptians made him submit and beg like the dog he and the Oromos must understand that the coward Abiy Ahmed has no guts. He's only brave when it comes to killing Ethiopians.

How many millions displaced under his rule?
How many did he kill in Ethiopia?
How many did he lockup?

Abiy Ahmed and his worthless outdated useless army is only good for killing Ethiopians. They're powerless against nations like Algeria or Egypt or Sudan and in-fact they only know how to beg.

Don't let these cowards intimate you.

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