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The Amharu snakes kill and then blame it on Tigrayans

Post by IntelReport » 01 Jul 2020, 05:30

They killed Gen. Seare and then told us it was TPLF..... :lol: :lol: :lol: The Amharus are cooking up stories after stories and now they're telling us the Egyptian army killed an Oromo singer... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Why don't you stop lying Amharu snakes

The real killers by Ethwar! It was Abiy Ahmed and he used an Amharu assassin just like last time he killed Gen. Seare and Ambachew.

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Re: The Amharu snakes kill and then blame it on Tigrayans

Post by Andertan » 01 Jul 2020, 06:11


You Jimman BantuGudifechas are closely related to Meshrefet and by installing Getachew Birru another BantuGudifechas Royal of your Jimma a Dikala turtle face clan no need to lie you live in the same district with Meshrefet your whole life. In order to sound tigrayan you say amharu just like Meshrefet who sponsored you to say amharu instead of Amhara in order for Tigrayans to be blame negro BantuGudifecha Abadulaist working 24/7 hiding under tegaru pantsies to threaten your amharu supporters

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