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abel qael
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Abiyot Kassaye Belachew really hates Oromos, he closed phone and internet at a time when Oromos really want to get info.

Post by abel qael » 01 Jul 2020, 05:28

Denying info at a sad time like this is very, very cruel and totally illegal action. This shows Meshrefet is fascistic towards oromos. He did the same thig to western Oromia for almost 6 months. Oromos had been oppressed by succcessive Ethiopian government but nobody had ever oppressed Oromos like Meshrefet and the evil nafxania group making all the decisions behind the scene. you can see how Oromos are angry, frustrated and saddened by what meshrefet has done to Oromo opposition leaders following Hacalu's murder. Everything that has so far happened was preplanned by the evil Meshrefet cabal. but from now on things will go out of meshrefet plan and evidence on the ground already proves things are deteriorating very fast in Oromia and Finfine in particular and Ethiopia- minus-Tigray in general.

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