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Halafi Mengedi
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ሀጫሉን ገደሉት ወነድሜን ቀጠፉት ኢትዮጵያ የተረገመች ሀገር

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 01 Jul 2020, 00:48

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Re: ሀጫሉን ገደሉት ወነድሜን ቀጠፉት ኢትዮጵያ የተረገመች ሀገር

Post by Ethoash » 01 Jul 2020, 08:15

Halafi Mengedi wrote:
01 Jul 2020, 00:48
ሀጫሉ will never die, he only die when oromo allow it to die..

ሀጫሉ never die if the oromo people completed .... ሀጫሉ long lived dream to remove king milk statue.. if the oromo people did this ሀጫሉ will live forever.

after this, anyone who call this square with the old name should be send to TPLF jail and enter as man and out as woman this will teach them not to call the square with the old name ... this is what the amhara accept if they want peace remove the king milk statues four point

second ሀጫሉ will only die if the oromo goes home without asking kassa .. not revenged but kassa ... revenge is riot .. what would oromo benefiting by burning Amhara property but if they took Amhara property as kassa payment that benefit them so ask for kassa if not ሀጫሉ will die

this thread have no reply from Amhara who said they did not killed ሀጫሉ ... they want the oromo cry to die out without kassa. {compensation}
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Re: ሀጫሉን ገደሉት ወነድሜን ቀጠፉት ኢትዮጵያ የተረገመች ሀገር

Post by Lakeshore » 01 Jul 2020, 08:36

ኣብይ ኣሀመድ ሚኒም ቢዘገይም በመጨረሻ ከብቶቹን ነድቶ ወደበረቷቸው ኣስገቢትዋል ይህ የሁን የሚባል ነው፥፥ አንዲሁም ፊጋውን ከብት ሃጫሉንም ሌሎቹ ከብቶች ረጋግጠው ገደሉት ፥፥ የ አግዚያብሄር መምጫው ኣይጣወቅም ፥፥

Ethiopia is land of proud, patient, and wise peoples. For those foreign agents who tried to destabilize Ethiopia will perish. The next move should be to destroy the agame in the [deleted] land. we can't allow some ignorant criminals hold the agame peoples hostage. Abyi with ethiopian people should march to agame land for once and forever. Otherwise, he will be responsible for every Ethiopian blood spilled including the figa kebt Hachalu.

If Abiy brings him to justice earlier he would be alive by now. Yesterday was another disappointing speech by Abiy, he is the head of the government. In situations like these peoples need clear leadership which he lacks. Peoples need assurance to uphold the law of the land. But instead, he pretends to look wise and plead. He has to do it there is no one to come and save him.

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