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Message to Oromos: Kill all of the killer's family

Post by IntelReport » 30 Jun 2020, 22:56

His mother
His father
His wife/girlfriend
His children
His cousins/nephews

Eliminate the entire bloodline of the worthless killer and then when you finish them then grab up your arms and invade the prison where the killer is held and start cutting him piece by piece.

Cut his arms
Cut his legs
Stab him over and over again

Make sure to control the blood because you want to sustain this torture till you cut off his head.

Hopefully the worthless animals in the government will release the name of the Amharu killer.

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Re: Message to Oromos: Kill all of the killer's family

Post by TGAA » 30 Jun 2020, 23:20

Weyane reptile. You half-cooked moron. You trying to get crafty but we know your snake nature. You think you going to fool the great people of Oromos and Amharas . No you can't for the crime you committed you going to pay dealy. you going to be uprooted from Ethiopia proper leaf, stem, roots, and all. you will see it soon . You have tried to, kill Abiy , you killed Asamenew , now you killed this innocent just as an expediency to ignite conflict between Oroms and Amhars . We will return the favor soon and you will not like it.

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Re: Message to Oromos: Kill all of the killer's family

Post by abel qael » 30 Jun 2020, 23:29

intelreport/ETHWAR, ante qizenam bantuguuudifecha, by using the word amharu you are trying to hide as Tigraway, but we know you are a dirty bantugudifecha like Meshrefet, TOP ENEMY OF TIGRAY, who hails from Gimira LAND AKA JIMMA. I HATE THE BUKATAM kahadi liga'gam and wushetam LEBAS FROM THAT MUJALIAM LAND. AND YOU WANT THE CORRUPT LEBA DERGIST GIRMA BiRU TO BE PM? Hell No, not in a million years!

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