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The sad fact of Corona: if it does not kill you, once infected, you remain a carrier indefinitely, most likely for life

Post by Abdelaziz » 27 Mar 2020, 00:14

Corona will devastate human beings for centuries to come like no other calamity or infection before it.
2/3rd of those infected-and-sick are either dead or " not fully cured/recovered" and are still shedding the virus. The 1/3rd of the infected-and-sick are labeled as "fully recovered/cured" but they continue to shed off the virus on and off in throat swabs, showing they can infected others or even get sick ( re-infect themselves) again and again, among other factors, depending on the status of their immune system.
Thus producing effective vaccine is unthinkable. The direction should be towards search of anti-virus drugs/agents..
For now the best thing we can do is to minimize the number of people who contract the virus, meaning, the good old "prevention" .