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Re: Before he lost his head like chicken and his bff in crime became Minilik’s b!tch

Post by kerenite » 24 Mar 2020, 14:59

Deqi-Arawit wrote:
24 Mar 2020, 11:37
tarik wrote:
23 Mar 2020, 23:36
Z bejas aka Eritreans and some in Sudan killed this rat agame slave of z west aka who got his hair braided like a woman. Agame yohanes was never a warrior, no agame knows how 2 fight, they r only good @ lying and stealing others history just like their western masters u know usa, uk, portugal....Anyhow it was this braze BEJAN Eritrea aka General Osman Digna and his soldiers that chopped this [deleted] agame head like a chicken. AND THIS IS WHAT THEY SAID!!!! DETOK WED KEBSA MEALEGET TIBERi !!! NEVER FKKKK WITH BEJAS AKA BENI AMIRS Z TRUE WARRIORS OF ERITREA !!! :roll:

Beja Sperm.
Osman digna was an arab condom who was put in prison in Egypt and died a tormenting death while the man whom you tried to belittle died a glorious death falling down blazing.

Btw. What is the condition of the Beja in the Sudan 😂. The Negroid Nuba People are [deleted] their world upside down and they are told to leave their ancestral eastern Sudan. 😂😂😂😂😂

Much better to be a "beja sperm" than an SOB agazian, a bigot, a chauvinist and a fanatic charlatan sperm.

BTW, the fierce beja are doing well in their ancestral lands and cities such as port sudan, swakin and elsewhere in eastern sudan!! The nubian settlers have already conceded defeat. After all they are recent settlers who arrived to the beja land from aswan (south egypt).

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