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Ethiopia in the Form of Athiopia is Dying and in the Version of Othiopia is Growing!  

Post by OPFist » 15 Feb 2020, 05:12

Ethiopia in the Form of Athiopia is Dying and in the Version of Othiopia is Growing!  

The Abyssinian dominated Ethiopia (Athiopia) is dying and Oromian led Ethiopia (Othiopia) is growing, slowly but surely. That is why we are now observing that the Abesha are starting to hate Ethiopia, whereas the Oromo are beginning to love it. The Oromo killed effectively the past Oromophobic Ethiopia and now strive to build the future Oromophilic Ethiopia. Abesha dominated Ethiopia is dead never to come back again. From now on, Oromo led Ethiopia will flourish for the coming thousands of years.

Till 1991,  the Oromo legitimately hated past Ethiopia, the Tegaru were indifferent and the Amhara loved it. Then, up to 2018, Tegarus loved their  Ethiopia, the Oromo were ambivalent and Amharas hated it. Now, under Oromo leadership, Tegarus are hating Ethiopia, Amharas being indifferent and the Oromo are starting to love it; because the future democratic Ethiopia is defacto Oromia! Slowly, even the Amhara are on the verge of hating this Ethiopia, eventhough they claim to be die hard Ethiopianists. Of course, Tegaru elites will try to dismantle this Oromophilic Ethiopia, for they already lost power in Finfinne palace; but the Oromo will benefit by keeping the future democratic Ethiopia (Great Oromia). I don't think the Amhara elites will be happy to live in such future Ethiopia, where the Oromo will enjoy all our human and national rights; they may opt to leave the union, just like their Tegaru kins.

That is why, I always said, the name Ethiopia is a trade mark, which any nation in power at Caffee Araara palace can use.  That was a reason I always encouraged Oromo elites to be smart enough to instrumentalize this name, instead of only singing about Oromia. Thanks to Waaqa, now Oromo elites got the message and are doing the nice bussiness. I am happy to see that!

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