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The most Amazing Kunama song from Kunama Tigray calling on Midribejan Kunamas to come back to mother Tigray.

Post by Abdelaziz » 15 Feb 2020, 05:12

This is what will kill wedimedhin's cursedarteran ambition inherited from Bafanculo Italia. And the Firey Tsegay Berhe today, straight at the bridge between Humora and EmniHajer,sent a much stronger message to wedimedhin:" No Force on Earth can defeat a united force of Hizbi Tigray",which we have secured for a long time now". Amazing Ambesa wedi shire! But compare this hero to the pooozycat debreporno begging wedimedhin to talk to him. Fo'ck that idiot :roll: And Fo'ck the coward Budagoji kurman Abaye Tsehye too :roll:!

Thank you weyzerit Saba Solomon, Gual AdiGoshu, Welkait.
All Tigreans are children of Saba and Solomon. We are all Minilik the 1st!

Samrodi is an amazing Kunama message of unity of all Kunamas in Midri Bazen, part of mother Tigray, once the kingdom of Emperor Bazen and his wife Queen Kanima.,

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