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Tr'anny Meshrefet has z ugliest voice of any leader in the world... su'ckin arab sausage made his ugly voice gender neut

Post by Abdelaziz » 15 Feb 2020, 02:21

Hi all, did you see my skinny little tra'nny kebenit, she is my wushima, the one I love deepthroating when I dislodge my manpole from my wife hawzen's Hamasenay gefiH Mitrimeakor. I really miss Kebenit, the qebeTbaTa ageing toothless amiche tra'nny, whom Amharu could not satisfy at all in her 40 years of amiche life till 1998 (she told me). She was deported thereafter after ejolies gangbanged her in shiromeda. Now I am worried the fi'nafint bantugudfecha cobble-stone faced, contraceptive pill taking, thus mediated , full-blown ho'mo, Abiot Madiat , who might have recruited her to co-prostitute for Arabs along with him. Let me know, dear all bloggers.
Tigray the land of heroes and heroines, is best exemplified by martyred heroine tegadalit Martha, the first woman to join TPLF, who was martyred after defeating Derg, EDU, EPRP, Jibha, etc, in many battlew field. She dies in welkait and her body still remains there. She has also a monument at the gate of Humora facing cursedartera and in Mekele, facing ademharaadgis.

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