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Destruction of Woyane (TPLF) is Destruction of Isayas Afwrki

Post by pastlast » 16 Jan 2020, 04:51

Isayas Afwrki's security and protection in Eritrea and the region is Woyane (TPLF)...there is nothing false about this image...

But Isayas Afwrki's personal Security have always been Woyane (TPLF)...even in this time of Change in Ethiopia where a so-called EPRDF member and former intelligence Officer Abiy Ahmed (who worked in a unit that went to War with Eritrean soldiers) is the PM of EThiopia....none of this makes sense...

Hailemariam Desalegn was EPRDF too...

Isayas and Meles were Friends if not related as Cousins...

Abiy Ahmed is "friends" if not even more related to Isayas Afwrki

There is suspicious activities between these groups:

1. Badme is still Not in Eritrean Physical Hands ....
2. Border closed for Eritreans to Leave Eritrea
3. Border Open for Ethiopians to Enter Eritrea (including TPLF cadres)
4. Abiy and Isayas both quiet about the issues in general and specifically

Has anything really changed other then TPLF, Woyane has a Breathing Room where they are Allowed to Continue doing their destructive Agenda in Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Region?

NO PFDJ Cadre clowns are allowed to respond...we want intelligent discussion here!

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