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OLF (Oromo liberation Front) and OFC ( Oromo Federalist Congress) betray the Oromos again!

Post by EthioRedSea » 04 Dec 2019, 10:09

The Oromo, a bantu warrior tribe that migrated to Ethiopia in 16th Century, have been an object of oppression by Abyssininas ( The Habesha - the founders ancient Ethiopian Civilisation). The Oromos or The Gallas were recent migrants and had either adopt to the Abysinnian way of life or were shown the high way.

There has been a series of wars between The Abysinnians (Tigray and Amhara) and The Galla or Oromo. Menelik, A Habesha King tried to once again control the ancentral lands of Ethiopia by waging a series of local wars. Menelik succeeded to control the ancentral lnads and the Oromos or Galla were in most cases made landless. The Oromo political elites have been fighting against the government of Ethiopia for rights of the oppressed Oromo people. Many Oromo have jonied the Abysiinians in the gvernment of Ethiopia.

Tigrayans suceeded to overthrow Mengistu Haile Mariam and a federal government was eastablished based on equality of ethnic groups. The Oromo question was properly addressed by TPLF but OLF was still unable to work with TPLF and had to leave the coalition government in 1993. Since 27 years, OLF and other Oromo groups have been fighting against the government of Ethiopia.

TPLF_E{RDF was sabotaged by internal enemies and external enemies lke Eritrea and Egypt. Egypt, USA and Eritrea managed to get the Oromo opposition groups back to Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed brought some change which seemed to address the issues of The Oromo and other ethnic groups. Unfortunately Abiy Ahmed is for the socalled unitary state, probaly for a presidential system with probably geographical federalism.

OLF seems to be happy and hopes to take all Oromo votes. But the OLF has already forgotten the Oromo people as OLF is not seen defending Ethnic Federalism. So less the other Oromo groups. It seems the Oromo people are betrayed by their self-appointed leaders.

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Re: OLF (Oromo liberation Front) and OFC ( Oromo Federalist Congress) betray the Oromos again!

Post by Sadacha Macca » 04 Dec 2019, 13:52

Some of you agames are obsessed with us oromos. You post about oromo every day as if we care about your worthless opinion. No Oromo cares what an enemy thinks of us. You're wasting your time.

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