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Castration of the male population by Galla (Oromo) warrior tribe led to defeat and slavery of The Galla (Oromo)!

Post by EthioRedSea » 04 Dec 2019, 07:28

The Galla or Oromo used to castrate the male populations of tribes they fought against. They took the wives and children of the castrated males. This should be seen as of a strategem in tribal wars, which have dominated most of African history.

First, this makes the male population physically removed from participating in wars against the invading Oromo or Gall tribe. The Abyssinians (Amhara and Tigray) were clueless in the beginning but adjusted to their own tactics of containing the Galla invasion and finally conquerred the Oromo or Galla. The Abysinians were victorious because they faced invasion with heroism which is the defining feature of their hsitory. Dying in war was an honour to Abysinnians.

Second, the fact theat the Galla (Oromos) took the wives and children of the castrated males was itself a big insult to Abysinians, which meant more preparation for war against the invading Gallas or Ormos.

In the end castrating the male population turned out to be bad for the Gallas as they lost territories they once occupied. The Gallas or Oromos were poorly organised as they were mainly pastoralists and animists or pagans whereas the Abysinnians were or are one of the first Christian communities and belong to the so-called "people of the book". This gave the Abyssinians inspiration to continue fighting until they have defeated their enemies.

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