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Lema’s trivial reason to lose his political capital: Tribalism.

Post by TGAA » 01 Dec 2019, 22:45

Lema Megersa could have left the political stage gracefully, and he could have been remembered by posterities of all Ethiopians for helping end the weyane regime without firing a single bullet. However,its the reasons he gave in his splinter with Abey that is going to soil his initial huge contributions. Of all the statements he made – “ I was pushed aside because of my Oromia first stance” &“The mandate we have as Oromos was to answer the Oromo questions that was handed to us” were the most tribalist statements ever made in Ethiopian history. Given the trust all Ethiopian have on him and as the holder of the most powerful federal Mistry, The defense minister of Ethiopia, his statement is very painful to take. Had it not been for EPDRF requirement, Lema Megersa would have ended up the prime minister of Ethiopia. Had that happened, could you imagine how the things could have turned? Given his open tribalist views. Standing on the opposite side of Lema Megersa, Abey looks more principled. We will see how it going to turn up, but as it stands now if Abey had some constraint because of Lema , Lema’s public objection should free his hand to act judiciously for cause of Ethiopia.
As a stout politician, one would have thought Lema could have avoided this kind of amateurish mistake, but as tribal politics goes everything sooner or later is going to turn amateurish. Here are the consequences of his action.
He clearly knows that as dignified person as he claimed himself to be could not join in like Bekele gerba or the genocidal jewar in the weyane’s so called federalist. If there is one person weyanes would have skinned alive that would have been Lema megersa, not to deny the fact that weyanes have already started their charm attack to join their camp because they know Lema is one and maybe the last cards they want to play to pull Abey down.
By stating the fact, he is Oromo firster openly he cutoff the only thing that was holding him with Ethiopians, especially after his demographic fiasco.
Now with all round condemnation from Abey supporters within ODP and from Ethiopians, he might double down and make even more blunder as Jawar camp lionization gets into his head.
Now it is obvious, for tactical reasons or by accident he have accumulated a lot of political capital, but his offended ego has made him to spill his gut in the most offensive way unimaginable, losing it all for the most trivial reason of all. Tribalism.

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