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Tigray hildren being abused by Orthodox Church Sunday schools!

Post by EthioRedSea » 01 Dec 2019, 08:56

The leaders of The Orthodx Church in Aksum and Mekelle should be arrested. They are abusing Tigray children by forcing to wash feet of pilgrims ( some are devils) goint to Aksum Tsion. They are also providing free food and lodge for the people coming to Aksum Tsion.

The Tigray people have no money and there should be nothing for free. They can offer cheaper prices, but providing free food and lodge is too expensive for Tigray people who have to provide the services.

We hear and see Tigray children are washing feet of pilgrims in Mekelle and Aksum. These should be stopped and the church leaders should be arrested. The Aksum Tsion Church and The Mekelle St. Michael Church leaders should be arrested.

Tigrayan leaders of the people should take free actions agains such deacons and priests.

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