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ODP needs to clean itself from those who are promoting genocide within.

Post by TGAA » 10 Nov 2019, 19:15

It has never been out of sight conspiracy that we are required to use a flashlight to look for, it was out in open. The genocidal driven race batting that the ODP authorities promoted, winked at lower echelon administrators to enforce, encouraged on many occasions and on others actively promoted and engaged in the crime itself while holding the highest office in Ethiopia national government. These weyane incubated Oromo fanatics in concert with Ayatola Jawar and anti-Ethiopian OLF have been mish·mashed together laying the ground for Ethnic cleansing. The latest Ethnic cleansing that took place in a different parts of Oromia has been a planned action by those who have a chain of command within ODP. These conspiracy and the gruesome crime committed on the church and the church followers, including the Oromos who are the Members of the Ethiopian Orthodox church, and the mainly targeted Amharas, who are conveniently labeled both by Ayatola Jawar and the ODP regional administrator Shemeles NEFTENAS ( which is a code name for Amhars, cause the so-called Neftena has disappeared more than half-century ago) The church has been reporting that its church members have been persecuted by Oromo fanatics for some time but it has fallen on deaf ears, by design. Obviously, when machete wilding mob come to attack they go directly where they have been directed by OMN (jawar’s propaganda Machen) and ODP police to churches to attack the church members including Oromos who attempted to protect the church. Anyone who is looking outside of ODP for these genocidal tendencies that have been germinating needs to adjust their lenses. If ODP is not cleaning up its organization from those who are promoting ethnic cleansing, Ethiopians have to label this political organization as the number one public enemy. The political spin ODP used to cover up this targeted Ethnic cleansing as a conflict is an indication of how deep ODP fingers is soaked in these gruesome ethnic cleansing.

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