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A hardball question for eden: Can there be two tribes in the same country with the same ancestry?

Post by Naga Tuma » 10 Nov 2019, 18:39


This is a logical question. It is independent of my comments earlier today in a different thread that you started.

I like to read how logic works in your faculty. It is the kind of faculty where we can gain new insights, where we can learn new things that we may have missed. You also appear to be self-conscious because it seems to me that sometimes when you make logical errors, you self-correct by deleting them. Some of us just let it stay there whether it is sloppy or sharp.

Some time ago, you started a thread that I couldn't find anymore. In that thread, you made an assertion that was contrary to my understanding of a certain logic. In that thread, from what I recall, you asked where Tigraways come from historically. I didn't have much to say about the question but in that thread, you asserted that you do not agree with the views of some about the "Amhara tribe," your expression.

Your logic disagrees with my logic and that is what I wish to settle. You could be right and I could have been wrong.

So, let us settle this logic by answering this simple question. Can there be two tribes in the same country with the same ancestry?

Maybe I am missing something about the meaning and essence of the English word "tribe." In my formative years, I learned about ዜጋ፣ ጎሳ፣ ብሄር፣ ሃገር። In my understanding, I don't think that there can be two ጎሳዎች with the same ancestry in the same country. According to this logic, if some Agews started to speak Amharic language, I don't think that you will all of a sudden have Agew ጎሳ and Amhara ጎሳ as separate ጎሳዎች or tribes. This is just one example that can be used for various other ጎሳዎች in Ethiopia or all Ethiopians. It is where the logic of Amharic speakers by some, at least for me, comes from, at least historically.

Your assertion, on the other hand, appears to suggest that there can be an Agewegna speaking tribe and an Amarigna speaking tribe even if both had the same Agew ጎሳ ancestry. Correct me if your assertion doesn't state that kind of logic. If it does, I wish to be enlightened about how that may not be fallacious. I wanted to ask this question the moment I came across your statement about it; I kept looking for the thread to respond to it but I can't find it.

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