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Why do agames..........?

Post by Cigar » 10 Nov 2019, 13:58

Agames get irritated by the words:
It boggles my mind.
Why the f**k do they care if we call ourselves 'god'.
Sh*it their nick name which our forefathers christened them is a actually 'libi tigray twiwai' and the quenti race.
But with no shame while they actually look like they are made of dirty clay, they call themselves golden race.
Come on somebody help me out by posting their forefathers and foremothers pictures of the 60s, 70s and 80s when 100ds of thousand of them were flooding Eritrea with no gun pointed at their ugly heads to beg in Eritrea's housholds, shine shoes, peel beles and domestic animals skins, sell empty bottles and of course prostituting.
Golden my a*ss.
The ugliest people from inside out race in Ethiopia are the tegarus.
So my friends as it is their nature to fake histories, don't let this repeated lie to cloud your brains or how you see them.
Every time you hear themselves call golden race counter correct them that they are the quenti or derty clay race.

Digital Weyane
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Re: Why do agames..........?

Post by Digital Weyane » 10 Nov 2019, 14:33

We sold all the properties we confiscated from the 100,000 Eritreans whom we unceremoniously expelled from Ethiopia, and we converted the money into gold. That's what makes us The Golden Race.

I am Golden.
Awash aka QB aka Justice Seeker aka c beyond is Golden.
eden aka kerenite aka Abebe B aka almaze is Golden.
Ethoash is Golden
Deqi-Arawit is Golden
Sabur is Golden
Present is Golden
Abdelaziz is Golden

Love us or hate us, we Digital Weyane are all of the Golden Race. :mrgreen:

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