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Unity of Purpose to Keep the Oromo in Power

Post by OPFist » 10 Nov 2019, 13:49

Unity of Purpose to Keep the Oromo in Power

As I tried to describe in my hitherto opinions, the Oromo nation was in a liberation struggle against Abyssinian colonizers, who were supported by their handlers from both power players of Eastern and Western world. This fighting for freedom from the proxy colonial forces (from Abyssinian ruling elites) was continuing in multiple forms: diplomatically, militarily and politically. In this globe, where politics gives more value to principle of survival of the fittest, because of the fact that only ‘might is right,’ there was no other alternative to empowering the Oromo people, if we were really serious about getting national freedom from the oppressors and achieve national sovereignty to determine our destiny. One of the ways to strengthen our nation was by forging necessary unity of purpose among all Oromian liberation forces. Now, we are free from Abyssinian domination, so that the purpose of our unity is to keep the Oromo in power. What is this unity of purpose, how can we define it operationally?

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Re: Unity of Purpose to Keep the Oromo in Power

Post by Abere » 10 Nov 2019, 14:34

የጥፋት እና የሲኦል በር ሰፊ ነው - እርሱም ለኦነጎች ክፍት ነው። ከጠቀማችሁ ግፉበት።

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