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The “opinionated” Geography of Ethiopian Demography

Post by DefendTheTruth » 10 Nov 2019, 08:09

Now it is all clear that some of the public views expressed in the name of “political freedom” and “defending the rights of the people” have got strong correlation with the geography of the country (correlated opinion and geography) from where the opinion holder comes from. Please don't assume here that I am trying to imply the ethnic boundary that has been enforced on the people of the country over the last 3 decades. Here I am referring to another intra-ethnic boundary that has become stronger even more than the ethnic boundary in the country.

For those of you who may ask what this means you may pay attention to the current view of the interviewee of following video, who used to echo the same mantra of “Oromo is enslaved in Ethiopia/Oromo is colonized” before, when I heard his views in the past but now with hindsight of all the happenings in the country and the reality on the ground in the last two or so years, his view has been now transformed and he started to subscribe to the power of the truth. His view (and many other views in this regard) can now safely be assumed as an index of the geography he/they is/are coming from in Ethiopia/Oromia.

But still there are some geographic areas in the country or the sub-region which are resistant to subscribe to the power of truth.

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