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Amir Aman, MD Minister of Health is leaving his Office

Post by MINILIK SALSAWI » 07 Nov 2019, 09:02

The reason isn’t clear, nor has the news been shared by Amir himself, but Dr. Markos Feleke of CEO and Founder of ABH Partners, tweeted a while ago saying “with merit-based public office appointment like [Amir Aman], you go to office to do your job. With representation you go to office to defend the group.”
A source close to the minister also told Addis Standard that his departure has to do with assignments reflecting “representation.”
Dr. Amin was appointed as one of the youngest ministers in April 2018. He has since gained respect and popularity for several initiative he took to make Ethiopia’s health sector effective. He is also hugely credited for introducing the monthly car free day in Ethiopia. AS

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