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Seferian & Co. Eritrea Ltd - VW Plant in Rwanda would have been in Eritrea - thanks to the Hasad Dictator

Post by Sabur » 12 Oct 2019, 19:37

Every one who grew up in Asmara specially around Settant-Otto, is familiar with Seferian Garage that was built it the 1960s.
It was built as VW Service Station for North and East Africa, and Middle East Countries.

Before Seferian Garage was built, the German Car Maker wanted to open a plant in Decamhare to assemble VW cars in Eritrea for North and East Africa, and the Middle East Market like it did in Brazil in the 1950s for the South and North American Market.

VW chose Eritrea because of Skilled labor, Eritrean Ingenuity and Hard Working population.

The midget Haileselassie blocked the plan of Building the plant in Eritrea, instead he asked the German Car Maker to build the plant in Awassa, Ethiopia. And VW never bothered to build an assembly plant in Ethiopia. Of course for obvious reason - no brainer.

After Eritrea's Independence in 1991, it would have been easy to convince VW and revive the plan of building an Assembly Plant in Eritrea. But when you have a Lunatic Dictator who is an Enemy of Eritrea, nothing positive would be built in Eritrea except the destruction of infrastructures, industries and emptying Eritrea of its vibrant Eritrean Youth - the work force of Eritrea.

The Assembly plant that VW built in Rwanda would have been in Eritrea and Thanks to the ሓሳድ dictator the enemy of Eritrea and the Eritrean People.

With enthusiasm, hard work, resourcefulness, ingenuity and the love for their country Eritreans have, Eritrea would have been a success story very fast after Independence in 1991 if was not for the Egomaniac ሓሳድ Dictator - the Number ONE Enemy of the Eritrean People.

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Re: Seferian & Co. Eritrea Ltd - VW Plant in Rwanda would have been in Eritrea

Post by Cigar » 12 Oct 2019, 20:00

Subur egru, you dumb f**k, yes you are right about the proposal of the VW assembly plant during the midget sellassie time and the stupidity of sellassie's counter proposal of Dekemhare versus. Awasa or Addis and his numbnutness or his lack of port vicinity issues and the capabilities of Eritreans work ethics and thus VW told him to go f**k himself.
But to accuse PIA for not pursuing the idea is stupid, knowing that Eritrea was unjustly sanctioned, which made any investor to shy away from Eritrea.
If the peace we are to taste now was realized 20 years ago....if tplf did what PMAA did to mend the relationship, PIA wouldn't be seen as a dictator, we wouldn't be called the refugee exporters and not only VW but other numerous projects could have been established in Eritrea.
I don't get it why people like you do not consider what Eritrea went through in the last 20 years before you open your filthy mouths and accuse PIA for the wrongs which were done by the UN, AU and USA against Eritrea.
Now hopefully the peace holds, Eritrea will be a magnet to other countries for investment ventures.
Tiny and landlocked Rwanda has nothing comparing to Eritrea. All it has is the none interference by out side forces or envious neighbors. All Eritrea wants is peace and to be left alone like all the African countries to write its destiny.
Too bad it suffered for decades with no fault of its.
But as*s holes like you do not want it to succeed so that you can dream it.
Don't worry, it will get where Rwanda reached plus more.

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Re: Seferian & Co. Eritrea Ltd - VW Plant in Rwanda would have been in Eritrea - thanks to the Hasad Dictator

Post by Sabur » 12 Oct 2019, 20:11

dumb Cigar:

Do you know the dictator Isayas blocked every proposal, plan and ideas that Eritreans embarked right after independence?

Do you know that or have you read about the research and plans that were completed to make Asmara the Financial Capital, like Hong Kong, and the dictator finally said NO.

Instead, the ሓሳድ dictator was busy talking about Economic Integration with Ethiopia and up to the point of confederation - in his 1993 interview in Addis Ababa.

Every proposal and plan to build Eritrea before the woyane invasion were blocked by the dictator the enemy of the Eritrean People.

You are a classic definition of a USEFUL IDIOT deprived of any human intelligence to read and analyze.

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