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BREAKING FACT: Isaias Afwerki (Isayas Afewerki) is a H0m0s3xual(Finfanit)/Luutie/Buushtie

Post by pastlast » 12 Oct 2019, 19:19

Most people do not realise this, PIA is upset at Eritreans because we do not accept Luuties:

You Right Hasawi Terserawi, PIA is too soft on Woyane, infact he is in Bed with Woyane doing his usual Sharmuuta Luutie shenagaginns!, in this Picture, PIA went back to Truck and Behind Military Guard Put Woyaneleaders Shilho in His Mouth until Completion! PIA has a Moustache to Catch any drop of Sem34n that may fall on the Car floor:

Hazega/Tsazega. wrote:
12 Oct 2019, 08:19
pastlast wrote:
12 Oct 2019, 07:49
You don't criticise Abiy or PIA because you are not allowed to. You are a mental slave and only follow the crotch orders your slavemaster. You are a sharmuuta for the dictator and so the expectation of you having an opinion about PIA or Abiy that is negative or critical of PIA or Abiy is just not there! You are a liar too! You are stupid also to think that Eritreans all think the way you are projecting here. We don't!

Haha...this not a fair fight...just giving you a jab here and foolishly try to get up & act more tough trying to find a comeback but wobbling more each time. It is kind of sad but i enjoy it & you enjoy abuse...but i will not touch you funny no matter how much you ask/want...i don't cross certain lines 🤭

Okay you want an opinion??...Abiy & Isayas are too soft on woyanu!!

What about your opinion?? you think they are soft?? you want them to be hard??😳🤣🤣🤣

Get out of there are getting pounded (but not the way you like)...throw in the towel

Please don't get up...don't listen to your trainer (aka molester)...he is giving you bad advice!!


This is the cyber beating you are getting...