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A Text taken from a Cartoonist's Play

Post by DefendTheTruth » 12 Oct 2019, 17:08

One day all these known older so called Liberation Fronts in Ethiopia and ABN (the youngest Liberation Front in the country) met on a very very long road. All those older Liberation Fronts (LFs) were taking that road on their way back from unknown destination, while ABN was heading on the road to there (this same unknown destination).

ABN meets all of them on his road to there and one by one at different distances and ask them each the same question about where they are coming back from.

The first LF told ABN “yeah, you know I have been out for a long period of time and I couldn’t find the destination I wished to reach, now I have already exhausted all that I can and decided to give up and comeback without ever having found the destination I was heading to. I am going home now”.

ABN simply laugher at him and replied, “do you think that I don’t know you well and understand that you just wanted to kid me, you have been all this time away and conspiring against me and now after I decided to follow you and catch-up with you there trying to mislead me so that I can’t ever reach my destination?” ABN simply said: “Go to hell” and continued his journey to the unknown destination.

The second LFite also arrives and ABN asks the same question and gets the same answer again. ABN didn’t want to impress himself still with the answer he got and said to himself, “this is just what they have been conspiring against me while they were away all the time of about 40 years”. He told the second encounter too the same answer and went on his journey.

Then arrived the third, then the fourth and all those who have been known to have taken that road before him all came turn by turn and told ABN the same answer. ABN still didn’t want to impress himself by their answers and instead said to himself “I know them that all were away to conspire against me, considering me as their mortal enemy number 1 and now they are all trying to mislead me before I reach my destination, for which I left home”. And decide to himself and said: “No go back now”. He said “I know already that I am under an existential threat and there is no way that I can go back to the same threat. It doesn’t matter if I may find the destination they couldn’t locate yet or not, I already went out and I can’t go back”.

And there is no compass aiding ABN at least in finding the direction he should take, forget about reaching the actual destination itself. “Anyhow I am so desperate now, there is not much that I could lose, there has been no more danger I faced since over 500 years than the one I am facing right now, and whatever may happen to me on this road doesn’t deter me from my journey to my ‘destination’” ABN concluded.