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Post by AbebeB » 12 Oct 2019, 14:42

It is crystal clear that nations have their own flag to fly it in their territory along with that of federal flag. But habesha elites (speaking Amharic) are trouble makers specially when it comes to flying the regional flags per se.

Green, Yellow, Red color with no emblem at the center had been legally institutionalized for the Amhara region by the state. These being the objective reality, the elites of habesha for their political trade, try to make a mess around.

Then, why is that they try to put effort to fly their flag in Oromia, a separate state from that traditionally named Amhara Regional State?

Or is there any uncleared reason that they kept it secret? In fact you have the right not to declare it but we can't help you with the trouble you create upon yourself. It we have no information on your reasoning, we take a measure such as this blockade of you to enter to our city.

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