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Oromia police: Sitting ducks

Post by Ethwar » 14 Sep 2019, 00:49

Look at this photo and guess what Ethwar sees. I see sitting ducks in this photo, what do you think will happen if an OLF shows up and instantly starts firing at them? If an armed OLF wanted them dead they would have all been slaughtered, remember OLF either ambushes or uses road side bomb attack against Oromia police therefore I hope the commissioner starts protecting his soldiers instead of telling them to patrol Ethiopia with Toyota trucks.

I have nothing against Toyota truck but it was never meant to be a military vechile. Its simply a truck meant to carry things not to fight wars and its used by rebels not government forces.

My advice to Oromia police: A toyota truck isn't a military vehicle, get yourselves armored vehicles that are capable of protecting you from AK74 and small grenade attacks and road-side bombs.

What you need is a Mamba APC

Oromia police - Waiting to be ambushed