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Re: The coward terrorists known as OLF tried attacking Oromia police

Post by Abdelaziz » 14 Sep 2019, 01:05

Do not put the word terrorist on PM Meles's mouth, it is the Hodam Gudifechas, diqalas and Mogassas like ligagam booshti Meshrefet, Adisu Arega, the lootiew Birahunu Tsegaye, Alemash Neqersa, etc, who lobbied EPRDF to have OLF labeled as terrorist. Everybody in EPRDF knows that, it is the hodam traitors in the puppet group called OPDO who really fabricated that label on OLF, TPLF was reluctant to approve it but it did not fight to kill the proposal not to alienate its puppet OPDO. It is on indelible record.
People also have wrong idea about TPLF and Sidama Kilil. TPLF and OLF adamantly advocated for the creation of Sidama Kilil…. actually they were successful on that and it was in the first announced Kilils. But the Souther people's party itself headed by a Sidama guy ( I forgot his name), vehemently opposed Sidama being Kilil and it was finally scrapped as OLF and TPLF did win only by a slight majority and lost in the second vote. That was the end of Sidama Kilil back then... TPLF being blamed is laughable . TPLF is the usual scapegoat, boogeyman for everything.... To the hell with rotten Ethiopia. land of idiotic bantus and sub-bantus.

OLF is a freedom fighter, not terrorist, the terrorist is the coward ligagam fagut gonderam son of wi'tch, meshrefet.