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The reason Tigray's militia is the best in the entire Africa is becoz of this militant tigrean culture.

Post by Abdelaziz » 13 Sep 2019, 23:45

This is why in Tigrigna (for centuries)we sing " Tegaru, Tegaruye; Ruba Ruba MeAlom, Kem tebaEtay NeberiYe", which, perfectly sums up the cultural and natural Tigrean militancy in word and in action.
Cursed Ar'terans pay attention, Tigraway Militia is more than enough to annihilate your 500,000 Arab-Armed sawakitten supported by gudelAmharu and Mesrefet's freakazoid republican booshtiew. I'm giving you serious advice! Tigray's special forces are reserved for international enemies and not
for pooizcats like you and/gudelaAmharu.