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Mai-Derhu: the historic valley in Wajirat where the 1st mtg of z 1st weyane revolutionary farmers met 74 years ago.

Post by Abdelaziz » 11 Sep 2019, 04:55

THe chirawatist Tesfatsion Gebremeskel is always boring in the beginning of his shows but he gets better and better as he approaches towards derib and during derib. He is getting old..... he is over 40 years in music profession, serving with dergue and then weyane.

Next year, the 75th anniversary of 1st weyane will be celebrated at Raya-AZebo's Bet-Mera (where the heaviest fighting took place) in Raya or in Mainebri(main base of the 1st woyenti, located in Wajirat.)